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How to Shoot, Edit and Publish Online Video: 5 Free Resources to Get You Started

If you’ve never created an online video before, or if you’ve dabbled but haven’t exactly created a masterpiece, you’re in luck. The web is full of tutorials and how-to articles and videos on how to create better online video.

We pulled together five of our favorite video-learning resources to share with you here. Check ’em out below. If you have others, please share in the comments. Thanks!

Vimeo Video School

Vimeo has created a fantastic set of free lessons on how to make better videos. The lessons don’t just apply to the Vimeo service, either. These are solid basics every beginner could benefit from.

See all of the Vimeo Video School lessons at Vimeo

Izzy Video: Final Cut Pro X Tutorial

Izzy Hyman put together this incredible 26 lesson course on Final Cut Pro X, and it’s available for free. I spent a couple of days going through this course and was really surprised at how easy FCP is to use. Within a day I was able to edit a quick video that looked pretty damn good compared to what I’ve done before. I can’t wait to use what I learned this week to publish some videos.

Izzy also has tutorials on other versions of Final Cut Pro, but if you’re new to video editing, I think you’ll like what FCPX has to offer. It’s very intuitive and surprisingly easy to learn.

Watch the full Final Cut Pro X tutoral at IzzyVideo

Philip Bloom

Philip Bloom is a working filmmaker who puts out some fantastic tutorials on how to make better films. He’s also part of the Video 101 series in Vimeo Video School. Philip’s blog is packed with tutorials, lessons and camera reviews and advice.

Philip shoots and edits incredible looking videos using consumer level equipment, like the one below shot on a Canon Rebel T2i. He explains how he shoots videos like this one at his blog.

Check out Philip Bloom’s reviews, tips and tutorials at his blog

YouTube Creator Playbook

The people at YouTube put together this in-depth written guide on how to build your audience on YouTube. It’s full of tips, best practices and optimizations you can use to make your videos more popular. It’s funny that YouTube didn’t release this guide as a series of videos, but the written content is really helpful as published.

Download the full YouTube Creator Playbook here

Viral Video Film School

OK, this one doesn’t exactly show you how to create better videos, but it might teach you a thing or two about how to create more popular ones. Viral Video Film School is a fascinating look at the crap online that entertains so many millions of viewers every day.

Watch more Viral Video Film School episodes at Current.com

Have a Video Learning Resource to Share?

What other resources would you recommend for beginners looking to learn how to create better video? Please share in the comments!

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