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The Lost Art of Hard Work

Binge diets for 30-day fat loss.
Get rich quick schemes.
Mail-order brides.
Instant oatmeal.

Everywhere you turn in our society there are quick fixes. If you don’t want to work hard anymore it seems like you don’t have to.

But when you really think about these “easy” options, do they really improve your quality of life?

When you starting looking for shortcuts to get better at something, what are you really doing to yourself?

You immediately start selling yourself short.

A Groundbreaking Idea

If you are looking for a single, mind-blowing tactic you’ve been missing your whole life that will instantly make learning or practicing way easier, you’ll never find it. You’ll waste hour after hour searching.

Here is the best thing you can possibly do to get better at something.

Put in the damn time.

You want easy? Here are three simple steps to follow:

1. Read a book or watch a video on the topic.
2. Go practice in solitude for a few hours.
3. Reflect back on what you learned in a journal.

No excuses. No insomnia from worrying about whether or not you are good enough. No more freaking infomercials.

Doctor’s Orders

Here’s your prescription:

Put in the hard work all day, collapse into bed extremely exhausted, and call me in the morning. I’m confident you’ll wake up feeling better already.


What’s keeping you from putting in the work?

Why do you keep looking for a quick fix?


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